About CIE


Why Center for Innovative Education?

Center for Innovative Education (CIE) was created to bring innovative educational solutions to counteract unemployment. We believe that such methods should be developed with active participation of business community, evaluated by international experts and shared globally.

Who we are?

The Center is a European foundation, engaged in developing innovative learning patterns through researching, diagnosing and promoting modern methods in the scope of social, career and self-development of citizens.

We benefit from knowledge of international group of experts in EU and USA, among them Gary Crow (professor, Executive Associate Dean at University of Indiana School of Education), Michal Boni (former Polish Minister of Labor and Minister of Digitalization), Marie-Anne Persoons, (Head of Flemish Department of Education and Training, Council of Europe Steering Committee of Education Policy and Practice), Michał Federowicz, CEO of Institute of Educative Research and Andreas Riepl, Founder of COOL-Trainers and CEO of Global Training Network GmbH (Austria).

CIE ambassadors support our aims of promoting best practices and adjusting them to different cultures: Jerzy Buzek, former President of Euro Parliament; Danuta Hübner, former EU Commissioner, Ricardo Varela of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.