Center for Innovative Education is now a member of Knowledge 4 Innovation

We are very happy and excited to announced that from june 2016 Center for Innovative Education is a member of Knowledge 4 Innovation Association. This is another step in the development of innovative education solutions and policies around European Union.

Thanks to this membership Center for Innovative Education will have direct access to political members, companies, ngo’s and academics institutions whom have a common goal, improve and develop level of innovation in European Union as a key tool to keep high level of competitiveness.

In the other hand Knowledge 4 Innovation will count with our knowledge and partnerships and also with all the achievements that our main program Konkordia had have don since 2010.

The first big success of this new alliance is the inclusion of New Education Forum (Brussels 17-18.11) in the agenda of 8th European Summit of Innovation (Brussels 14-17.11)
We all strongly believe in the  synergies coming from both of our institutions and in the huge potential of our networks working together.

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