FOLM agreement signed!

The 24th of October, in Warsaw, Joanna Bochniarz, the president of the Center for Innovative Education, Izabela Barczyk – Olszewska and Dr Mateusz Halicki from Ecorys Poland signed the agreement that will allow to develop the project “From Outdoors to Labour Market” in three countries.

The regions of Cantabria in Spain, Warmia and Mazury in Poland and Mid West in Ireland will benefit from this agreement that guarantees a financing of 3.4 million euros. Close to 1.000 youth in these three countries will take part in FOLM during the next 42 months.

The Center for Innovative Education is the leader of a consortium composed by: the University of Edinburgh and Venture Trust from UK; the Cantabria Government and Femxa Group from Spain; the Limerick Institute of Technology and Universal Learning Systems from Ireland and the Olsztyn’s Food Banks and CIE from Poland.


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