The Center for Innovative Education is an institution working at European level. Purpose of CIE is to improve the effectivity of European labour market through its own model.

We organise international summits on innovative education and vocational learning, which allow us to advocate and build alliances in realization of the idea of an effective labour market in the European Union.

We work with:

Regional, national and European governments

Global corporations

The European institutions

Academic institutions and research centres.

Our actions:

Building alliances, which enhance the European labour market

Advocating for introduction of effective learning methods improving employability

Providing ground for evaluating and promoting solutions in the scope of innovative education and vocational learning and training

Making recommendations for the European institution and cooperating with them on improvement of labour market policies and influencing national and regional governments as to their implementation.


We find solutions, which enable the youth to become active members of their communities and to contribute to the society by effectively entering the labour market. High quality and complexity of these models should be promoted and where possible also adapted in other European Regions. We organise international summits building platform for innovative education and vocational learning. We advocate and build alliances to put in practice the idea of sustainable development of the European citizens.


Regions and cities are looking for partners and stakeholders to support their cause of boosting local and regional labour market. They are welcome to use our know-how and our network for their innovations on vocational education and fighting youth unemployment. The Center for Innovative Education is an advisor to governments and employers at regional, national and EU level. Learn how we cooperate with regions here.


Our partners: educational centres and research institutes from EU Member States propose solutions for making learning more effective and adequate to the employers’ expectations, which increase the number of qualified employees in the European Union. Others are welcome to join. Such modelsare shared at the New Education Forums, including our annual event in the European Parliament. They are a perfect place to strengthen educational centres’ networks and build new alliances.

Effective Education


Employers aiming at increase of effectiveness of advocacy efforts regarding improvement of learning pathways are welcome to share their vision, know-how and contribute to the New Education Forumnetwork. Companies are joining our cross-sectorial consortia because their solutions to employee shortages are worth addressing.

We look for answers and advocate for:

  • Investing in education centres providing quick learning pathway for professions, which don’t require 3 to 5 years of vocational training
  • Vocational learning to be widely promoted by all stakeholders of VET
  • The soft skills to be part of the formal education, starting as soon as in kindergarten
  • On 2008 we create Konkordia, a multi sectorial partnership facilitator platform focus on social innovation. We start in Poland and form the very beginning we worked at international level.
  • On 2015 after seven years full of successes we decide that our efectivity is smaller than could be. In that moment we made a key decision the most strategically one. We decide to increase our impact focusing in the part of social innovation that we knew best: educative innovation.
  • That’s how we create the Center for Innovative Education and a new mission: to increase the effectiveness of labour market and thereby the competitiveness of the EU.