We create innovative socialy responsible projects thinking about your needs.


We work with:

Regional and national governments e.g. Government of Cantabria, City of Poznań, City of Olsztyn, City of Opole, City of Jaca /Spain/, Ministry of Education in Austria

Employers e.g. Polish Confederation Lewiatan, Ceemet, Clepa, Bosch, Unicredit, General Electric, Femxa Group, Universal Learning Systems

The European institutions e.g. Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the EP, Education and Culture Commission of the EP, OECD

Academic institutions and research centres e.g. Polytechnic School of Almunia (EUPLA), University of Edinburgh, Glasgow Kelvin College, Indiana University, Limerick Insitute of Technology, Warsaw University, UAM in Poznań

Our actions:

We identify innovative business models inspired by the best practices in various industries and sectors, for your product, service, idea

We create programs that not only positively influence a social initiative, but create long-lasting partnerships in which each involved institution is inspired, combined and strengthened by confronting theory and practice.

We engage partners and stakeholders in the network that are based on cooperation and assistance in developing common medium-long-term strategies

We connect research and innovation projects with regional and European structural and investment funds to obtain integrated financing

We develop recommendations for the European institution and cooperating with them on improvement of labour market policies and influencing national and regional governments as to their implementation.


Regions and cities are looking for partners and stakeholders to support their cause of boosting local and regional labour market. They are welcome to use our know-how and our network for their innovatations. CIE is an advisor to governments and employers at regional, national and EU level. Learn how we cooperate with regions here.


Our partners: educational and research institutions from EU countries propose many solutions concerning: labor market, education, tourism, food, smart cities or regional development.Others are welcome to join. Such modelsare shared at the New Education Forums, including our annual event in the European Parliament.

Effective Education


Employers aiming at increase of effectiveness of advocacy efforts regarding improvement of development pathways are welcome to share their vision, know-how and contribute to the New Education Forumnetwork. Companies are joining our cross-sectorial consortia because their solutions to employee shortages are worth addressing.

We look for answers and advocate for:

  • Investing in education centres providing quick learning pathway for professions, which don’t require 3 to 5 years of vocational training
  • Vocational learning to be widely promoted by all stakeholders of VET
  • The soft skills to be part of the formal education.

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