Konkordia mission is to help established social innovators become better by connecting peers, sharing methods and make joint projects in Europe, especially in the European Peripheral Countries.

Between 2011 and 2015, some 1000 leading professionals and entrepreneurs from the private, public and third sectors convene in Sopot, Poland for 4 days and nights of challenging debates, discussions and training workshops designed to share innovation and ways to scale up solutions to business and social challenges as part of the European Forum of New Ideas (EFNI). Konkordia delivers on EFNI’s social entrepreneurship ambitions. Participants in Konkordia during EFNI events included: Jerzy Buzek, John Hailey, Danuta Hubner, Henryka Bochniarz, John Richardson and Lech Wałęsa.


Konkordia Successes

International conference : the best event in the field of social partnership in Poland. Fixed date in the calendars of decision makers and social scene of the European Forum for New Ideas during 5 years

European Network: Konkordia actively work with such institutions as: University College of London, Femxa Group, Warsaw’s University, Galicia Government, Innuba, Ethicore, Kronenberg Foundation by Citi Handlowy or Orange,

Proposals for the authorities : the effect of the conference in 2014 was a document which has reached to Brussels. It appealed to introduce specific rules conducive to the functioning of social initiatives in Europe.

Knowledge platform konkordia.org: Our Website was a place where reading and talking about the latest trends in social innovation . This platform is open to all who want to be professional. Hence the emphasis that we place on providing expertise .

The card Precepts : in 2014 we created the Charter Precepts Effective Business -NGO Partnerships . The partner in this project was the Lewiatan Confederation . The caption under the Charter has made many influential representatives of business and non-governmental organizations

Publications: we spent a lot of professional publications . It is worth mentioning publication of ” Philosophy effect “, which focused attention on the problems of the whole environment efficiency and effectiveness of social activities. That was the theme of Konkordia in 2014 .

Competition for the best partnership business & ngo in Poland during many years of our business life we introduced in our opinion the most important initiative. One of them was just such a contest , which drew the attention of the entire Polish on the issue of professionalization and efficiency in the business -NGO relations .

Member of jury of European Social Innovation Competition 2015: judging 100 social innovation proposals from all over Europe because of “Stocznia” invitation

European Panelist: Konkordia’s Founder, Jorge Gimeno was a panelist in Countdown 2030 (University College of London), European Forum on New Ideas (Sopot), 7th European Innovation Summit (Brussels) and a delegate in Skoll World Forum (Oxford).