MENTOR is an unique educational programme which came to life with the inauguration of CIE. This programme is aimed at educators who have the capability to inspire their students and are constantly ready for new challenges. The teachers asked to join MENTOR programme were chosen by their ex-students, who backed their choice with a solid explanation.

The project`s programme includes i.a. series of four conventions alongside with workshops for teachers based on modern educational methods including neurodidactics supported by National Fund for Children.  

During the meetings the teachers will face new motivational methods and also learn how to effectively equip the youth with competences that would be required by their future employers, i.a. how to stimulate the skill of teamwork, develop self-awareness of pupils` strengths, improve both non and verbal communication and how to arouse one`s imagination.

We believe that such action will lead to an increase in effectiveness of teachers` taking part in MENTOR programme and to initiate public debate about indispensable changes in today`s educational system in the future. It is the most significant goal of MENTOR programme and we are aware of the fact that with teachers` full determination we can achieve it, additionally improving appropriate learning methods, in order to popularize them later at a national scale.


  • Verifying the effectiveness of skills gained at workshops during interdisciplinary convents organized by National Fund for Children;
  • Improving the effectiveness of educators` work by using innovative learning methods.
  • Building an inspiring community of teachers in their local communities- i.a. via online MENTOR e-learning platform;
  • Complex research at the beginning and in the end of the programme, presenting the effects of using modern learning methods, including neurodidactics;
  • A conference summing up the MENTOR programme with the participation of experts in area of education and international specialists in innovative learning methods including neurodidactics;
  • establishing the MENTOR programme as an example for further changes in Polish educational programme.


  • technique started 10 years ago in Germany by Manfred Spitzer, based on arousing curiosity and self-motivation in students;
  • develops students` talents as well as all types of intelligence (including the social one);
  • bases on innovative learning methods for both students and educators;
  • “SCHOOLS OF FUTURE”- increasing amount of german schools decides to provide neurodidactical methods;
  • Neurodidactics is a new concept in Poland, although it gains a growing popularity among media and educational environment. Nevertheless, there`s still lack of solutions simplifying its implementation (mostly because of costs of courses for teachers).