Our partners: educational centres and research institutes from EU Member States propose solutions for making learning more effective and adequate to the employers’ expectations, which increase the number of qualified employees in the European Union. Others are welcome to join. Such modelsare shared at the New Education Forums, including our annual event in the European Parliament. They are a perfect place to strengthen educational centres’ networks and build new alliances.

We aim at advocating for acceleration of the labour market improvement in the European Union, because:

  •   over 44% of the European companies have difficulties to hire qualified employees
  •   by 2021 we will loose important part of European industry if we don’t improve effectiveness of our labor market.



By cooperating with the Center for Innovative Education:

–       Your company’s solutions will receive international recognition and appreciation.

–       Your HR challenges will become subject to international debate of renown experts and decisions makers from the employers’ and employees’ organizations, VET schools, teachers’ associations, academia, parents and EU and regional governments.

–       You will receive proposals for increasing efficiency of your enterprise’s employment process based on best practices and advice of diverse EU regions. For example, some professions do not require 3 or 5 years vocational training and the Center advocates for the EU Member States investing in education centres providing quick learning pathways.

–       You will gain powerful allies advocating for policy changes in the EU and regional level, which will lead to decrease and removal of obstacles of the labour market enhancement. Good example of such issue requiring wider advocacy is the soft skills, which should be part of the formal education, starting as soon as in kindergarten.

–       Your HR projects will meet valuable potential partners for consortia purposes.


Solutions, on which we advise are subject to the Center’s research and analysis taking into account the requirements of Regions’ specifics and business environment.