NEF 2015

  I New Education Forum

under the  honourable patronage of
Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda
Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland


Enterpreneurs want to cooperate for education. That`s the reason for their vast represantation at the Forum. Schools want to cooperate as well. We need to ease it for them, and that`s what we`ll be working for.

O the firts day nearly one hundread school principals worked on the Charter of Recommendations relating to the effectiveness of education. On the second day we could heard profoundly significant declarations from non-governmental organisations and business, declaring support for the vision of modern school. That`s the effect fo the New Education Forum in Warsaw`s Copernicus Science Centre.- We started a positive chain reaction. It took so little effort to finally start talking about what`s really important- highlights Joanna Bochniarz, who organised the event as a chairman of Center for Innovational Education. The Forum did end, but… it still does go on. From now, at the Website you can see videos from Forum`s panels.