the New Education Forum 2015


The first New Education Forum took place in Warsaw, Poland, on November 30th and December 1 st , 2015. We discussed issues regarding Youth unemployment and their weak of motivation in learning process. It has a significant impact on helplessness and passivity of young people in taking responsibility for one of the most important life decisions – choosing their profession. Our debate was enriched by acknowledging employers expectations and their participation in education programs.

What: → NEF 2015 OUTCOMES

Entrepreneurs want to cooperate for education. That’s the reason for their vast representation at the Forum. Schools want to cooperate as well. We need to ease it for them, and that`s what we`ll be working for.

On the first day of the New Education Forum 2015 one hundred school principals worked on the Charter of Recommendations relating to the effectiveness of education.

On the second day we heard profoundly significant declarations from non-governmental organisations and business, supporting the vision of modern school. That’s the effect of the New Education Forum in Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Centre. We started a positive chain reaction.



Over 340 representatives related to the labour market, education and research from all sectors – business,
academics, public administration, parents were among NEF 2015 participants. This included also almost 100
principals of the Polish schools who participated in MENTOR workshops. Panellists included:

  • Łukasz BADOWSKI, Dr, Education Department, Copernicus Science Center
  • Marcin BARAŃSKI, General Manager, Meble VOX and Składy VOX
  • Dominika BETTMAN, CEO, Siemens Polska
  • Krystyna BOCZKOWSKA, CEO, BOSCH Polska
  • Gary CROW, Professor, Associate Dean, Indiana University, School of Education, USA
  • Janusz DEDO, HSBC Bank Poland
  • Patricia GONZALEZ, Managing Director, Grupo Femxa, Spain
  • Katarzyna HALL, President, Good Education Association
  • Diana JABŁOŃSKA, Deputy Head of Unit for Schools and Educators, DG Education and Culture, the European Commission
  • Jolanta KAPICA, alumni of the MENTOR program
  • Monika LAMPARSKA-PRZYBYSZ, Scientific and Funding Access Manager, Polpharma
  • Jan MADEY, Professor, Warsaw University, President of the Polish Children’s Fund
  • Claudia PARLIAMENT, Professor, Board of Directors, Minnesota Council of Economic Education, USA
  • Elżbieta PIOTROWSKA-ALBIN, Education Section Director, Wolters Kluwer
  • Andreas RIEPL, Advisor to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, COOL-Impulse-Centre, Vocational
    Schools, Austria
  • Małgorzata TARASZKIEWICZ, education psychologist
  • Małgorzata ŻYTKO, Professor, Warsaw University


When and where: →

November 30 th – December 1 st , 2015, Warsaw, Auditorium of the Copernicus Science Center


How: → NEF 2015 MATERIALS: