Alliance for an Effective Labor Market


We have to adapt to the changing world

Everyone adjusts to the changing civilization in a different speed and manner. Task of the Alliance for an Effective Labor Market is to do it wisely. We aim at making a change based on deep diagnosis and evaluation of experts. We react watchfully to the growing practice and stipulations of employers. Afterwards the Alliance proposes solutions tailored to different scale, business branches and cultures.

In order to grow, nations require keeping up with the change process and support of wise decision makers in this scope. If we don’t react, in 5 years time there will be no access to technical specialists and qualified workforce in Europe. This may result in the European companies not being competitive with those of other continents, especially from Asia. This will also mean no business investments enabling their further development.

In the same time, high youth unemployment in the European Union (18% average among Member States), depression and high level of passivity among young Europeans are problems we all are aware of. One of the most important reasons for this is education not being adequate to the changing civilization.

We are the voice of entrepreneurs and experts in Brussels and in the Member States. The Alliance for an Effective Labor Market is an international multi-sectorial partnership. Such wide collaboration is the best way to deliver knowledge and practical solutions to labor market and unemployment issues.

For whom AELM?

AELM membership is devoted to large, multinational corporations with significant number of employees, institutions dedicated to labor market and educational systems (public, academia, non governmental and UN agencies) with well-acknowledged achievements in these fields.


From the very beginning we believe. We cooperate with such universities as Indiana University (USA), Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland), Edinburgh University (United Kingdom) and Universidad del Pais Vasco (Spain). We also work within several networks dedicated to innovative education, with recruitment agencies, Ministries, multinational firms as well as business associations. In 2010 we created a platform for multi sectorial cooperation focused on social initiatives and innovative education, presently called New Education Forum. Since 2016 we are member of Knowledge 4 Innovation (European Union network for innovation).

Searching for best practices all over the world, evaluating them with our board of experts and preparing proposals at the European Union level. This is done in close cooperation with the EU Commissioners and Members of the European Parliament. We are the voice of employers.

For 2017 we want to create a complex strategy to be implemented in the European Union Member States based on our 2016 Chapter of Recommendations.

To deliver such an ambitious plan we search for funds. This is why we created the multi sectorial Alliance for an Effective Labor Market AELM. It shall deliver:

  • Knowledge, experience and diagnosis on labor market dynamics
  • Proprietary solutions to its problems
  • Their promotion on the European and local level
  • Networking and influence on the European level

AELM will meet twice a year during workshops. They will be devoted to sharing knowledge, experience and data among experts and jointly working out solutions. We’ll also host an annual summit with participation of decision makers from the European Union institutions. The summit aims will be to confront our solutions and promote them on wider scale.