Who we are


The Center for Innovative Education is an institution working at European level. Purpose of CIE is to improve the effectivity of European labour market through its own model.


We organise international summits on innovative education and vocational learning, which allow us to advocate and build alliances in realization of the idea of an effective labour market in the European Union.


We find, evaluate ad promote solutions to:

Difficulties of employers resulting from shortage of qualified employees

  • Ineffective formal education, especially in the scope of vocational learning
  • Transformation gap resulting from communication and industrial revolution.


We work with:

  • Regional, national and European governments
  • Global corporations
  • The European institutions
  • Academic institutions and research centres.


Our actions:

  • Building alliances, which enhance the European labour market
  • Advocating for introduction of effective learning methods improving employability
  • Providing ground for evaluating and promoting solutions in the scope of innovative education and vocational learning and training
  • Making recommendations for the European institution and cooperating with them on improvement of labour market policies and influencing national and regional governments as to their implementation.