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For Companies & Institutions

Discover your strengths, increase your internal motivation and bravely face new challenges!

Give yourself some luxury and join one of our projects. You will break away from everyday life, and with us:

  • you will strengthen confidence in your own abilities,
  • you will learn how to build internal motivation,
  • you will develop your strengths,
  • you will improve team collaboration and leadership skills.

Each of us has – by nature – coded skills that are useful in everyday personal and professional life. Nowadays – rapid changes, new technologies, climate crisis, Big Data, and additionally a pandemic – these features are simply necessary. Develop them with us by joining one of our projects.

outdoor learning
Outdoor Learning
outdoor learning

Center for Innovative Education

The Center for Innovative Education (CIE) was established to create and promote social innovations that help us succeed in a rapidly changing world. Since 2015, we have been reaching a variety of people and environments with these solutions, because each of us needs to constantly develop to live in harmony with the changes that surround us.

We create and implement educational solutions in Poland and abroad. We currently operate in Poland, Spain, Ireland and Scotland. With our projects, we reach business, academic, local governments and disadvantaged environments.

Outdoor Learning – Strength by nature

Since 2018, CIE has been developing the Outdoor Learning method in Poland, Ireland and Spain.

This unique method helps to strengthen internal motivation and develop soft skills thanks to communing with nature. During a week-long expedition in nature, undisturbed by civilization, participants in CIE projects will learn about their strengths. Additionally, they integrate with other people, strengthen communication and leadership skills.

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