Siław Bieszczad


The MENT project operated under the assumption that CIE staff will participate in courses and job shadowing programmes held by foreign host organizations. We are a trailblazer and an advocate of the Outdoor Learning model in Poland. As we believe that OL deserves more recognition and appreciation, we hope to utilize educational opportunities created by our foreign partners to effectively continue our efforts to implement Outdoor Learning domestically.

The project serves the purpose of educating CIE staff. Thanks to the financing we have obtained, we will carry out the following objectives:

1. The Board of CIE will enhance their competences regarding the management of training projects for CIE employees.

2. CIE educators will further their competences regarding: language, Outdoor Learning, Coaching held following Outdoor Learning, and Mentoring, which serves as an individual form of support dedicated to each participant of our programmes.

3. Apart from the courses, we aim to ensure that all educators participate in job shadowing programmes held by foreign experts – current and prospective CIE partner institutions operating in the field of adult education.

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