Mentor 2.0: Completion of the first Result of the project

In the period (1.05.2022 – 30.10.2022), the Mentor 2.0 project in October achieved result 1: “Mentor 2.0: Curriculum”.

In June, the project consortium invited educators and students to exchange views on the role of the teacher as a mentor and to help in the selection of MENTOR modules that will be transferred to the online system, as a result of international surveys and focus groups conducted in 5 countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Poland and Austria. Links have been created to specific surveys for teachers and students in their native languages.

Assumptions of 1 Result were achieved.

Project assumptions for result 1 as defined in the project application: “Minimum 300 primary and secondary education teachers will directly participate in project. Minimum 300 primary and secondary education students will directly participate in project Result 1.”

The Result 1 were involved direct participation of 508 primary and secondary school teachers (443 in surveys and 65 in focus groups) and 474 primary and secondary school students (413 in surveys and 61 in focus groups).

Data on individual partners regarding surveys:

  • KEAN: 61 teachers and 108 students
  • FEMXA: 64 teachers and 104 students
  • GTN: 66 teachers and 68 students
  • Lascò: 60 teachers and 60 students
  • CIE: 191 teachers and 73 students

In addition, in each country we organized one focus group with the participation of min. 10 teachers of primary and secondary schools and 10 students (50 teachers and 50 students in total), in order to collect their experiences and requirements in order to adapt Mentor 2.0 to the needs of the target group. In total, we reached 65 teachers and 61 students.

Data on individual partners regarding focus group:

  • KEAN: 10 teachers and 12 students
  • FEMXA: 10 teachers and 13 students
  • GTN: 10 teachers and 15 students
  • Lascò: 11 teachers and 10 students
  • CIE: 24 teachers and 11 students


Work on the result was divided into 3 main activities:

  • from June to August the partnership implemented action 1 “State art. Research”, which involved conducting online surveys of primary and secondary school teachers and students in 5 countries to identify tools and mentoring approaches used in formal education.
  • from August to October, the partnership carried out 2 “Focus Groups”, which were carried out in 5 countries. The action consisted in collecting the experience and requirements of teachers and students in order to adapt Mentor 2.0 to a holistic approach to the learning process.
  • in October, the partnership implemented the “Development of the Mentor 2.0 Curriculum” activity, which consisted in creating 5 reports from each country in English, in order to provide teachers with knowledge, skills and practical tools to become mentors for their students. The reports were also written in the partners’ native languages: Italian, Greek, German, Spanish and Polish.

The reports created in each country concerned: a summary of the surveys, focus groups and State of the Art Research, legislative environment analysis and recommendations – listing of MENTOR method topics and tools, which should be transferred to digital environment, needed for the next stages of the project.

Reports in PDF form will be available on our website in early January. Everyone will be able to download any language version for free.

More information about the project can be found on:

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