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Mentor 2.0 aims at supporting a paradigm shift in which teachers are – first of all – mentors to their students rather than just knowledge transmitters. Following on 6 years of Polish MENTOR pedagogy in the offline environment, CIE will Mentor 2.0 develop, test and implement a conceptual framework and innovative digital platform to enhance mentorship qualities among teachers of primary and secondary education.
Original MENTOR method developed by CIE prepares teaching staff to change the educational model: from the 19th century transfer of knowledge to the 21st century mentoring – high-quality support in the development of children and youth. Such school modernization can only be effectively achieved when conducted together with teachers and students and project will invite both of these groups to reform the status quo of their relations to make them more adequate to this century’s social and economic model.
Mentor 2.0 aims to meet the needs of present time students who do not understand traditional repetitive models of teaching and learning and often disengage and drop out of schools because of it. The project will develop high-quality support pedagogies and innovative digital techniques for teachers and with teachers. It will also benefit from gamification, that has proven to increase the engagement and motivation of students in learning (B. B. Lambruschini, W. G. Pizarro, Tech—Gamification in university engineering education: Captivating students, generating SBC, 2015).

Mentor 2.0 will aim at:

  • strengthening teachers’ transversal competencies
  • making teaching profession more attractive
  • producing a gamified e-learning platform addressed to teachers counteracting digital illiteracy indicated by 2018 OECD’s Talis study
  • boosting chances of teachers from small towns and villages to have access to ground-breaking digital pedagogy
  • helping teachers identify those students who are at a higher risk of dropping out off school and to undertake intervention actions
  • Helping teachers guide students so that they are aware of their strengths and talents and can build their future on hence improving transition between different stages of education and career pathways
  • fortifying teachers’ communication and leadership skills
  • increase educators’ capabilities of cooperating outside school
International cooperation among five NGOs and Companies from Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Austria will also strengthen digital transformation in formal education. The fact that Mentor 2.0 will be online will make it accessible for underrepresented group of teachers from smaller towns and villages who have harder time to reach innovative educational solutions.
New Education Forum Plus

Project number: 2021-2-PL01-KA220-SCH-000049306

More information about the project:

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