Welcome in the New Year 2024 with the latest Newsletter!

Dear Readers,

With immense joy, we welcome you to the year 2024, full of promises, challenges, and inspiration! Today, we are delighted to present to you the first newsletter of the year, filled with fascinating content that we hope will not only provide you with information but also inspire you to take action.

In the new newsletter, you will find:

  • Educational trends in 2024,
  • A brief overview of the completed WISE project – Wild Social Media,
  • Foreword by Tomasz FRANKOWSKI – Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Committee on Culture and Education NEF Brussels 2023,
  • Calendar of events at the Center for Innovative Education for the upcoming months.

And now, the most important news for our community: A New Face of the Center for Innovative Education – Welcome Marzena Dusza on the Board! To learn more, we encourage you to read our newsletter HERE, rich in interesting information and inspiration. Stay with us at every stage of this exciting year!

Best Regards,
The Center for Innovative Education Team

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