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EEA Norway grants

The FOLM project (‘From Outdoors to Labour Market’) benefits from a EUR 3,400,000 grant awarded by Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway as a part of the EEA and Norway Grants Fund.

Project implemented by: Centrum Innowacyjnej Edukacji


Projekt FOLM

About FOLM

Center for Innovative Education and its partners form Poland, Spain, Scotland, and Ireland have been conducting an innovative project that assists 990 young people from 3 different parties in gaining a foothold on the labour market.

The project operates on a budget in excess of EUR 4m and benefits from a grant of EUR 3.4m

The expertise underlying the FOLM project is based on ‘Social and personal development through non-institutionalized education model’ developed by the University of Edinburgh.

Project aim

The aim of the FOLM project is to develop young people’s every day and professional skills in order for them to become active job market participants, motivated to continue their education.

This highly efficient educational method was developed by the University of Edinburgh and has proven effective in discovering participants’ hidden talents, determining their assets, enhancing their so called soft skills, building a sense of self-worth and developing a positive attitude to employment.

Project participants are given access to a virtual platform designed to help NEETs (young people outside employment and education) with their training, advisory, and technical support when entering the labour market.

In Poland, the project is addressed to residents of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Podlaskie Voivodeship, and Mazovian Voivodship, aged 18-29, remaining out of work and out of school.

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FOLM participants on the project:


“‘When you’re in the woods, there’s no time to mull things over during the day. But when you get to have some alone time in the evening, things begin to click into place in your head. You start appreciating what you’ve got. Thanks to meeting other participants – people who have often been through a lot – you can look at your life from a healthy distance. The coaches are expertly prepared for any problem and provide you with inspiring feedback that help you take a closer look at yourself and find some answers and goals. The coaching I’ve been getting has helped me to stay on course.’”


“Only the first night in the woods was a nuisance to me. A hot water bottle in your sleeping bag can work wonders, though. Today, I look back at it as a fantastic adventure. The whole process which I went through during the FOLM project has brough about some real changes. I have developed my self-confidence, a trait that I had always lacked before, and that made me take on jobs they were not cut out for me. Thanks to the trainers and coaches I managed to develop my own goals. I’ve also achieved most of them. Most importantly, I have turned my passion into a career. I went through work placement in a stud farm to be officially employed there later on. I’ve also received instructor qualification, and now I teach horseback riding. I love my job! And to those doubting that you can make your passion a lifestyle: you can do it!”


“As every project participant I was anxious at first. Would I be able to make it not being in touch with civilization? Would the rest of participants accept me? Wouldn’t I be wasting my time? Once there, it quickly turned out that you can just act, and face challenges, and that you can achieve more than you had realized. The group was there to give you support because you were all at the same stage in your lives. This experience has completely redefined my life. First of all, I’ve learned to listen to myself, discovered my assets, what I’m really good at, and what things I should avoid. All of this has resulted in a total makeover of how I see myself and has given me courage to pursue my dreams – even those that might have seemed unreachable.”


“Thanks to taking part in FOLM, I’ve started to see myself differently. I’m beginning to be more open towards the world and others. Situations requiring courage or self-confidence don’t pose a big challenge to me. Thanks to psychological support and mentoring I’ve taken some measures to develop professionally. My ambitions are greater now, and I see more opportunities for putting my plans into practice. I support a Food Bank as a volunteer and gain experience as a result. I have always treated this programme as a chance to take on new challenges and to change my old, monotonous lifestyle. I recommend taking part in this international project to everyone who wants to enjoy an interesting adventure while simultaneously figuring out their goals and dreams and working on their personality.”

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