The third newsletter CIE is now available!

Hello Dear Readers of the CIE Newsletter!

We have fantastic news – the third newsletter is now available, filled with interesting information that we want to share with you. Just one click on the link below is enough to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of updates and trends that we have specially prepared for you.

Click here —-> Newsletter No. 3

What will you find in the third edition of newsletter CIE?

  • Several interesting insights into the debate on competency trends in connection with technological development.
  • Get a sneak peek into what we have in store for you at the New Education Forum in Brussels. This event promises to be incredibly exciting, full of inspiring discussions and meetings with leading experts. If you want to stay updated, follow us at:
  • Learn how the European Commission will be involved during the NEF Brussels conference.
  • And finally, NEF Athens through the eyes of Joanna Bochniarz: An extraordinary journey to Athens with the key member of the CIE Team, Director General Joanna Bochniarz. See what set this event apart from others and the conclusions the foundation drew from this fascinating journey.

This is just a brief preview of what you will find in the third newsletter. We encourage you to explore the full content because we are confident that everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

Don’t wait any longer – click on the link below and immerse yourself in the world of inspiration!

Click here —-> Newsletter No. 3

Thank you for being with us!

Best Regards,
CIE Team

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