We are excited to share with you the remarkable story of Hania Kedzierska, one of the participants of the Wild Social Media – WISE project. Hania, after nine intensive months of involvement in the Erasmus + project WISE, decided to share her experience.

In the video, Hania talks in a candid voice about the emotions she experienced before deciding to participate in the WISE project. She shares her concerns and talks about how the project went in stages. Particularly moving are her reflections on the passion she discovered through the project. It’s a story about courage, discovering passion and the power of community.

We encourage everyone to watch the video, which is a true testament to the power of outdoor education and personal development. Click HERE to see Hania’s story.

The “Wild Social Media” project was made possible through the collaboration of two organizations: CIE and the Icelandic organization JONAA, with the support of the Erasmus + program. The value of the grant was €60,000.

The end of the project is not only a moment of summing up, but also the beginning of new opportunities for all participants. Thank you all for your commitment and contribution to our mission to support young women in their professional and personal development.

Together we are creating stories of change and inspiration!

For more information about the “Wild Social Media” project and our other activities, please visit our website:

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