Center for Innovative Education Counteracting Unemployment

Because every good solution requires sharing

We conduct research, find solutions and implement them through European, domestic and pilotage projects. We collaborate with research institutions and ngos throughout the world and with international business organizations, collecting best practices in innovative education. We promote them at annual New Education Forum.

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Because work is the value we all build on

The XXI century, along with new technologies, global networks and 24h a day communication changes the way we produce and deliver goods and services. Employers observe this revolution every day. Unfortunately government institutions react to these changes very slowly. Hence, business lacks partners with whom it can prepare better future employees. This is why we formed Alliance for an Effective Labor Market.

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Because every youth deserves a job

Promoting good vocational schools, based on expectations and help of employers,counteracting stereotypes and supporting „good practices“ in secondary level schools encourage the youth to make more mature career choices. This is why we participate in Effective Education project.

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Because every child deserves a mentor

We believe that only through truly engaged teachers, who understand that their roles extend beyond knowledge delivery, we can provide a better help to young people developing their individual career paths and becoming responsible members of societies. This is why we created Mentor program.

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Our partners

European Economic and Social Committee Employers' Group