Center for Innovative Education

 Building ecosystem for an effective labour market


We find solutions, which enable the youth to become active members of their communities and to contribute to the society by effectively entering the labour market. High quality and complexity of these models should be promoted and where possible also adapted in other EU Member States or their Regions. We organise international summits on innovative education and vocational learning which allow us to advocate and build alliances in realization of the idea of an effective labour in the European Union.

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Are you looking for key partners and stakeholders to support your cause? Do you want to amplify your influence in Brussels? Is your region a leader in education field? The Center for Innovative Education is an advisor to governments and employers at regional, national and EU level. Learn how we cooperate with regions here.

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Do you want to increase effectiveness of your advocacy actions? Do you need cross-sectorial consortia? Companies’ solutions to employee shortages are worth addressing. We advocate for:

  • The soft skills to be part of the formal education, starting as soon as in kindergarten.
  • The formal education to invest in education centres providing quick learning pathway for professions, which don’t require 3 to 5 years of vocational training.
  • Vocational learning to be widely promoted by all stakeholders of VET.
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Regional Meetings and the annual New Education Forums aim at sharing and adapting models, which increase the number of qualified employees in the European Union. Our partners: national and international research institutes and academic institutions from eight EU Member States propose such models.

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