MENTOR_IMG_ENG         We believe that only through truly engaged teachers, who understand that
.       their roles extend beyond knowledge delivery, we can provide a better
.       help to young people developing their individual career paths and
.       becoming responsible members of societies.
.       This is why we created Mentor program.
Promoting good vocational schools, based on expectations and help of
employers,counteracting stereotypes and supporting „good practices“
in secondary level schools encourage the youth to make more mature
career choices. This is why we participate in Effective Education project.

        We conduct research, find solutions and implement them through European,
.       domestic and pilotage projects. We collaborate with research institutions
.       and ngos throughout the world and with international business organizations,
.       collecting best practices in innovative education.
.       We promote them at annual New Education Forum.




Civilization changes arrive quicker every year. They result in „generations‘ divorce“ and new social problems. We believe in action based on social innovation with cooperation of all sectors to solve them. This is why we founded the Konkordia movement. KONKORDIA_IMG_ENG

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